About Us

The Canadian International Education&Immigration Agency, International Experience Club, helps students from around the world to get education  and work&travel experience in Canada and abroad. The organization with experience more than 10 years and with representations in different countries, was created for promoting of opportunities of study and work all over the world and the help to new immigrants in Canada. International Experience Club cooperates directly with the main schools, colleges and universities in Canada and offers such programs as: Summer Camps, Secondary education, English courses, Diploma, Bachelor and Post-Graduate Programs. Also, thanks to reliable partners in Canada and overseas, our company helps prospective students not only in choosing appropriate education for future career , however to see different countries and cultures, broaden their life's horizons and get work&travel experience in different countries. Currently, IEClub is a proud member of such organizations as ICEF, EDUCO, ICCRC .

Our Mission: We are empowering individuals to gain information,according to our experience and connections, and to make informed choices for their secondary, post-secondary education and employment options in Canada and abroad in order to succeed in their future.

Message from the Directors:

We strongly believe that Canada benefits from the presence of international students, and students benefit even more obtaining a high quality education and work experience in one of the best countries in the world. Seriously.

Our company provides discounted services for local and international mobility programs' participants who want to Study, Work or Volunteer all over the world. And of course we welcome these people here in Canada! We are here to help and support you!

You are very welcome to join hundred of thousands of young people from all over the world to study, work, have fun, and get Experience. International Experience. Welcome to the Club! 

Our Values:

Customer Service.

IEClub's team is a group of high caliber professionals, who have international study and work experience, and is ready to provide excellent customer service to all individuals with individual focus and global thinking.

International Approach. 

Our company provides their services in different countries simultaneously and ready to offer differnt study and job placement options in different countries, depending on candidate's study needs and career purposes.


IEClub offers different affordable study and work&travel options for prospective candidates for internationals and local Canadians in order to allow them to meet their expectations and make their dreams come true.


  1. Help applicants to determine the right study program:High/Secondary school, ESL, Diploma, Bachelor or Master.
  2. Provide full information about the chosen programs, and advise about pros and cons.
  3. Negotiate with universities/schools student’s expectations and requirements.
  4. Help with Canadian study/work permit application, visa, certified immigration services.
  5. Provide related information about the immigration to Canada through education.
  6. Advise on the right health insurance plan during your stay in Canada.
  7. Arrange different accommodation options for participants.
  8. Help to evaluate existing diploma, and transfer credits from your country.
  9. Negotiate tuition DISCOUNTS for some educational programs.
  10. Provide custodianship for future students in Canada ( students under 18-19 years old).
  11. Help to save your time and money if you are going to Canada!


Our Purposes:

  1.  To promote the global youth mobility and volunteer movement in
    Canada and abroad.
  2. To provide an effective and transparent recruitment and placement
    service for international students.
  3.  To provide assistance in planning upcoming travel, work and study
    abroad experience for its members and all interested parties.
  4.  To offer different services to facilitate international travel, work
    and study plans for its members and all interested parties.
  5.  To provide assistance and aid to the communities in the developing
    countries through administrating different types of programs 


          If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.




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