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International Experience Club provides quality caregiver services for Canadian residents. Our  professionals are passionate about helping seniors and families with children, who need permanent help with daily routines. We work with qualified overseas medical professionals, looking to gain international experience in the caregiver field. Please see some general basic infomration about requirements and caregiver program.

Requirements for Employer (Family)

  1.  Must obtain a business number (BN) from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

  2. Pay the worker's wage (including vacation pay)

  3. Make deductions from the worker's wage as prescribed by the law 

  4. Issue pay stubs, statements, remuneration paid (T4) or Records of Employment (ROE)

  5. Employers must provide proof that they or a dependant is in need of care from doctor.
  6. Must demonstrate their financial ability to pay the caregiver’s required wages. 
  7. Employers of caregivers must always pay for the transportation costs (for example, plane, train, boat, car, bus) of the caregiver to the work location in Canada
  8. All employers of in-home caregivers must prepare and sign an employment contract.
  9.  The employer or his representative  must submit the complete application with required documents to ESDC office, which is responsible for the program for in-home caregiver,pay appropriate non-refundable fees and  get positive response  (There is a fee of $1000 to apply to ESDC to assess an application for Foreign Caregiver).

Become a Caregiver:

  1. Have an experience at least 1 year in nursing/caregivers (must be proved by appropirate documents)
  2. Have completed secondary education and post secondary education as a teacher, nurse, midwifery, physical therapist, commerce,etc.(must be proved by appropirate documents)
  3. Be able to speak English on a required level ( IELTS General 5.0 in all bands at least)
  4. Have employment contract with employer
  5. Resume
  6. References from past and present employers
  7. Copy of valid passport
  8. Copy of high school and college/university diploma
  9. Copy of Transcript of Records
  10. Police clearance from the country which you are living in for at least six months

Why International Caregiver?

  1. Ability to relocate in Canada
  2. Proper education with proven experience
  3. Flexible time and schedule
  4. Huge pool of international caregivers
  5. Reasonable salary for caregivers

Approximate cost of international caregiver:

  1. CPP (pension plan)
  2. EI (employment insurance)
  3. Taxes (federal and provincial)
  4. Horly wage: around $12/hour( 40 hours per week)
  5. Employer remittance ( 20% approximately)
  6. Approximate salary per month: $2,200 CAD
  7. One way flight ticket for international caregiver

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