Living expenses in Canada

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Cost of living in Canada

Personal Budget is a really significant thing for all people, especially who are going to live in Canada during some period or who want to move in this country for ever. After our team had made a survey among the international students and regular Canadian people, we received next useful information and numbers, which show basic cost of living for people, who are living in Canada.



Accommodation expenses differ from location and city in Canada. However, speaking about basic prices for housing you have several options. Firstly, you can live with roommate or with the Canadian family and share the rent price and pay beginning with 400$-800$ CAD per month. Secondly, if you have enough money you can afford yourself 1 bedroom apartment beginning with 900 CAD per month.

 2) Grocery and other.

Depending on what kind of products you are going to buy, for example organic or regular, mostly you will pay approximately 250-350 $ CAD per month. If you want to eat something out, snacks start at 2$-6$ CAD. In cafes and restaurants meal starts at 10$-25$ CAD.  Prices for Beer in special Liquor stores differ from 1.8 $ CAD- 4$ CAD per can and hard liquor is 25$ CAD-... per bottle 0.7L. Cigarettes in Canada rather expensive and cost 10.5$ CAD per 1 pack.

3) Transport.

Speaking about main public transport, we can mention skytrain and bus shuttle. One ticket, which valid for all types of public transport during 90 minutes, will cost you 2-3$ CAD for 1 zone. As for the Cabs, for short distance it will be approximately 12-16 $ CAD, for long distance 35$-90$ CAD.

 4) Utilities.

Cell communication price also depends on provider and vary from 35$-90$ per month. Speaking about High speed internet at home , you will  pay 60-120$ CAD. Also, you need to be aware of average Hydro price of 30-40$ CAD per month.

 5) Leisure.

 As for the spare time, it straightly depends on what life style you like to follow. As for the night clubs, you need to be ready to pay 5-25$ CAD for entrance and 8-15$ CAD per drink. For example, parachute jump costs 350$ CAD and Bungee jumping starts from 80$ CAD for people, who keen on extreme. Monthly pass in fitness club will cost 50$ CAD with swimming pool and sauna. As for the cinema, international release will cost you 12-15$ CAD per seat. People who are interested in exhibitions and any kind of events will pay 8-15$ CAD per 1 person.

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