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FrancisImmigration Consultant ( R416383 ). 

Francis  has over 30 years of global commercial and institutional experience in strategic business development, project management, investments and financing in several countries including Germany, UK, Austria, Sweden, Hong Kong, China, USA and Canada. Francis is a Regulated Immigration Consultant and has several academic qualifications including a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Marketing and Business Administration from the University of Hong Kong and a Diploma in Management Development from the Graduate School of Business, HarvardUniversity. Currently, also owner of Ashton College. Contact Francis.



Paul-Immigration Consultant (R518359)-Founder 

Paul has experience more than 10 years in providing study&work abroad services to such countries as Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, UK, USA, Canada, Australia and etc. He founded and managed Study&Work Agency in Europe for more than 10 years and worked as a Marketing Director in some Canadian schools, before he started to work on his project. Paul has a Bachelor Degree in Travel Company Management, also graduated from UBC Sauder School of Business and has Immigration Consulting Diploma. Currently, also one of the co-founder of Toefl test center in Canada and authorized representative of Contact Paul.



 Margarita-Executive Manager (Czech Republic Representative)       

Margarita is a high caliber professional in global education service providing with experience more than 5 years. She manages such markets as Canada, China, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and etc. Margarita has a worldwide experience in recruiting students to different educational programs and has Bachelor Degree in Business and Government Management. She develops international relations all over the world and participates in improving language skills of students on a school basis. Contact Margarita.   



Natalia-Executive Manager (Russia Representative)

Natalia is a business development manager and experienced student recruiter with experience almost 10 years in study abroad education services. She covers and represents such markets as: UK, USA, Canada, Czech Republic, Malta, Australia, Germany and etc. She has several business degrees and international work and study experience. Natalia is also engaged in improving English proficiency skills of all interested parties on online basis. Contact Natalia.




Lilia- Executive Manager (Ukraine Representative)

Lilia has a 5 years progressive experience in local and overseas projects of recruiting  people for work&study programs in Ukraine and CIS. She has a degree in International Financial Relations and certificates of different workshops from overseas. She established different international relations with such countries as : Switzerland, China, USA, Denmark, Czech Republic, Canada, Poland, UK, UAE and etc. Lilia helps our clients in Ukraine and CIS to get internatioal work and study experience and assist new immigrants in their new home country. 




Laura-Executive Manager ( Kazakhstan Representative)

Laura has arranged and managed big projects in overseas education more than 6 years, touching all directions of education and achieving essential results in educating students. She has bachelor degree in Translation & Interpreting and various certificates from regularly attended international professional qualification trainings and workshops in such countries as USA, Switzerland, France, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, South Korea, Ukraine, etc. Laura maintains business negotiations with foreign partners, recruits and monitors Kazakhstan students’ abroad, and participates in improving English teaching methodology on English school basis. Contact Laura.



Alex-Executive Manager ( Belarus Representative)

Alex has several years of experience in providing study and work abroad services to such countries as Canada, USA, Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark, Latvia, UK and UAE. He has Bachelor Degree in Business and Finance and solid knowledge in study, work and travel sphere. He maintains existing business internal and external partnerships in Europe and North America, recruit students, provide full package service and follow up them abroad. Alex helps all our clients from Belarus meet their educational , immigration and travel purposes abroad in order to make their trip as much useful as possible and get their own International Experience. Contact Alex.




Lana -Homestay Coordinator

Lana is pretty experienced in homestay, accommodation and custodian guardianship all over Canada. She is in charge of finding appropriate housing to the clients in order to meet all preferences and expectations of future and current Canadian newcomers. She has a great network of Canadian Families and Custodians, who will be happy to help  prospective international students make their stay in Canada as much convenient and enjoyable as possible. She has UBC degree in healthcare services and also diploma in Public Relations. She will be happy to assist you in finding a nice and bright place to live. Contact Lana.

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