Tuition Fees in Canada

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Tution Fees in Canada

It goes without saying, that one of the most important question for international students and their parents and sponsors, who are going to study in Canada, how much they need to pay for their study, tuition fees. Annual tuition fees in Canada depend on type of college and program. Below we will try to provide all basic information about tuition fees of High school, ESL, Diploma, Bachelor and Master programs in Canada. It probably may vary from City and province that you will choose. Also be aware that in comparison with other English speaking countries, such as Australia, UK or USA, education for international student is much lower for all programs in Canada. Also, it is useful to know, that currency exchange rate is 1$ USD=1.3$ CAD. This fact also helps to collect required amount of money in order to study in Canada (est. 2016).

1)High school programs will cost international students, if we are speaking about Grade 8- Grade 12, approximately 13.000-14.000 $ CAD per year for private schools. As for public schools, it will be  like 7.000-8.000$ CAD per semester. All numbers were mentioned without taking into account Home stay and Custodianship for future student (est. 2016).

2)ESL or English as a Second Language program will cost students, who want to study or improve their English for any reasons, roughly 3.000-4.000 $ CAD per semester. The duration of program straightly depends on your goals in Canada and existed level of English (est. 2016).

3)Diploma programs basically will be done after 2 years and sometimes with co-op options. The cost starts from 10.000$ CAD -15.000$ CAD per year, depending on type of college and program. However, mostly private and public colleges and universities have the same tuition fees for international students (est. 2016).

4)In order to get Bachelor or Master  program you need be ready to pay 15.000$ CAD - 20.000$ CAD per year. It is also depends on the chosen program and specific college or university.  Also,  mostly there is no big difference in tuition fees between public and private college or university for international students (est. 2016).

It is important to know, that besides tuition fees in Canadian colleges and universities you will also be required to pay some additional fees, such as library fee, student fee, student ID fee, student’s activity fee, photocopy fee and etc. Mostly it will be plus 200$ CAD per semester to main tuition fees. Also do not forget about expenses for books and special materials for college courses.

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