Tuition refund

It goes without saying, that post-secondary education is rather expensive and can bring some financial problems to both student and his family. Thanks to Canada Revenue Agency, who has provided for several tuition tax credits for students, who can apply towards their tuition, along with certain amounts for textbooks and public transport expenses.

The tuition, education, and textbook amounts allows you to reduce any income tax you may owe. You will have received a tax certificate from your educational institution at the start of every calendar year, indicating the number of months you were enrolled full-time  or part-time. Read more .


-Students who are 16 years old or over who are registered in an accredited post-secondary school or enrolled in courses at the post-secondary level are eligible to claim tuition tax refunds.

-The student must also have paid tuition themselves to claim the tuition tax  and not his or her employer, even if the employer has paid the tuition to a parent or family member. The only exception is if the employer included the amount of the tuition as part of the student's wages.

-Tuition tax refunds only apply to post-secondary courses. If a student is upgrading while at an accredited post-secondary institution, enrolled in high school level courses, the tax may not be claimed.

Required documents:

-If you are a disabled student, a certified letter from your health care provider describing your medical condition can be submitted with your tax form.

-Schedule 11 should be completed by the student claiming tuition and textbooks fees tax refund.

-Tax certificate form from your post-secondary recognized school.


As for the textbook, you can return money only for one textbook for each month that you qualify for the full-time or the part-time education amounts. You can claim the textbook amount only if you can claim the education amount.  Read more .

Public Transport:

Also you can claim cost of monthly public transit passes or passes of longer duration such as an annual pass for travel within Canada on public transit . Read more about eligibility and rules on official website  

How you can return your money:

1) By yourself, using Canada revenue agency official website

( )

2) Use private companies or licensed individuals, who will charge you certain amount ( for example HR Block, and other eligible organizations and individuals).