Upath program

University Pathway Program

            Most colleges and universities in Canada require from prospective students to pass English proficiency tests, such as IELTS ( https://www.ielts.org/ ) or TOEFL ( http://www.ets.org/ ) in order to identify the level of English . In order to do this, you can register on one of these websites and schedule the date of exam in your native city. However, there is another option, which is called University Pathway Program. This program means that if you have no valid English proficiency test result ( Toefl , Ielts ) or you feel that your current  English is not so good, you can register for ESL school or to your future college, which has already same English program, in order to  study English for academic purpose and after successful graduation to enter the university or college without any admission exams.

            The length of the ESL pathway program straightly depends on your current level of English and can last since 3 till 24 month. During the registration to this program, you will choose your future college and will get 2 documents for the embassy such as: letter of acceptance for ESL school ( pathway program) and conditional letter of acceptance to the future university ( diploma or bachelor degree). The main requirements for choosing this program that you will need to pay 1st part of tuition for both colleges: ESL school and your future college, in order to get guarantees from your side about strong intentions to study English and enter the college after graduation. All money will be refund to you in case of visa rejection, exclude application fees, after you will submit letter of refusal to the colleges. It is important to know, that when you are going to get higher education in Canada, however firstly want to get required level of English, the choice of pathway program will raise your chance to get study permit and visa, because of your strong evidences , such as, documents from both Canadian schools.